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Newshanik” Pars company is one of the oldest network marketing companies in Iran which was able to obtain the license from the center for Guilds and Merchants of the country, shortly after the legalization of network marketing activities, on 1391. Ahmad Eivazi, graduated of Judicial Law from the University of Tehran, with a mixed background in both teaching and trading, established Newshanik with the aim of selling Newshadarian products directly. According to Note 2 of Article 5 from the Trade Union Law, this company has succeeded in obtaining a permanent business license under number 0426924780
Newshanik is the exclusive representative for the supply and sales of products from it’s shareholder and parent company,” Newshadarian”, who uses the network marketing methods instead of the old and popular ones, to present  “Newsha” products; and through this, provides direct access for the consumers to  use the products and also makes a special and privileged opportunity for its representatives to earn money and develop entrepreneurship.

Newshanik is a ready-made business that offers a part-time or full-time non-employed job opportunity to people in the community, especially the women and youth, to start their own small or large businesses without the need for initial investment. Newshanik is an education-oriented business, and the representatives must first learn and apply the executive and mental skills necessary to succeed by their sponsors and coaches, and then create their own sales organization by teaching these skills to the subdivisions under their support.


By providing the necessary software and hardware platforms, Newshanik enables its sales representatives to earn money from the sale of products by themselves and the members of their organization in a fair and at the same time unlimited number, Although Newshanik is a business but it has a special view on it’s responsibilities to society and people, by having this notion of social responsibilities, during the past years , it has declared its support and relation with different walks of people, by the participation of representatives and coaches of Newshanik, in a creative yet effective way .Including holding public charity campaigns in sympathy and support to MS patients, with the cooperation of the MS Support Society of Iran, which has been performed in past few years.

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professor of traditional medicine, Iris, nailology, pulseology, hand scan, energy medicine, sujuk and toungeology

Newsha farm

Newsha Company, in order to achieve its goals for the production of Iranian tea and the realization of the slogan “One hundred percent herbal, one hundred percent Iranian” has a tea farm with an area of ​​10 hectares around Fooman city. Newsha Tea Farm is speacially dedicated to the cultivation of green tea and the first such project is in the west of Gilan province, which is a move to increase quality in the product basket of Newshanik products.

Our technique

Slimming technique
nutrition correction
temperament correction

Techniques are designed in order to adjust the body strength and power, if needed

temperament correction would happen by assumption of herbals

These all together are effective

About the consultant

Professor Soltani Specialist in Traditional and Persian medicine sciences regarding to Iris, Pulseology, Nailology, Hand Scan, Energy Medicine, Sujuk and Tongueology Specialist in mood correction.

Additional information about Newsha tea bags

For the information of consumers and marketers of Newshanik, we would like to inform you that the filter used in Newshanik tea bags is imported directly from one of the most reputable German manufacturing companies. These filters are made using natural and high quality Abaka plant fibers, cellulose fibers and handmade fibers are designed in such a way that by keeping the crushed tea particles inside the bag, the tea is brewed and prepared well. Using this special fibrous compound, a structure is created that allows the aroma, color and flavor of the tea to be released quickly, while leaving particles inside the bag.

These filters have all the health certificates and all the necessary tests, have been performed on these filters based on the requirements of ISO. Also, when this product enters the country, the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran will perform additional tests and all documents will be confirmed. Only after ensuring the accuracy and health of this product, a clearance permit will be received from the relevant customs.

Head Office: The head office of this company is located in  No. 25,Shirzad Alley, North Jamalzade St., Tehran.

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